Muna is an Open Source completely free app that helps you create reminders in less than 5 seconds. All you have to do is take a snapshot of any content on your screen and tell the app when to schedule the reminder using simple, everyday language. It's also built with your privacy in mind.

One Click To Capture Content

As simple as a snapshot

Check usage usecases

Simple Everyday Reminders

Just tell Muna when want to get your reminders

Reminders Control Panel

You can edit, delete, stop, complete and group your reminders from your control panel

Get Notified When It's Time

Muna will ping you for any reminders and your control panel will list your past reminders

We Respect Your Privacy

We totally respect your privacy and will not collect a killobyte of data without your permission. You can check with LittleSnitch.

We are also Open Source.

But even if you share product data with us, we are transparent and you can always check our table of events to find out what we collect from you.